Update for September

Hello, what has everyone been up to? I have been busy! I just started my first semester of grad school and it is INTENSE, especially with working fulltime hours. I do try to balance some play into routine though. Lately I have been loving loving LOVING cooking. It is my special quiet creative time, with the big payoff of deliciousness. Its like a craft you can eat. Anyways, some of the latest favorites have been quinoa with chicken sausage, guacamole chicken with rice and beans, and salmon with cucumber yogurt sauce. When I'm not cooking (or sleeping, or working, or doing homework) I love playing with my kittens. I never thought of myself as a cat person. In fact, I was the kind of slightly-mean-spirited person always making fun of "crazy cat ladies". Swear to God, I always thought cat people were psychopaths, but suddenly I've found myself in love. They do sweet things like put small objects in my shoes, climb on top of my head, and wink at me. So now you know, the secrets out. Oh and to end the post, I'll leave you with some pictures of my "children"

Real life cat fight!

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