Gettin' creative with fleamarket finds

I'm addicted to fleamarkets. Browsing old junk and treasures is literally one of my favorite things in the whole world, especially since I've started discovering the craft potential of many of these items. For instance, I spent a whole day looking around town for blue and white china. Wasn't sure what I wanted it for or why, just knew that I simply must have it. I finally did, and for a good price. The next day I was delighted to find a miniature plate in my exact blue and white pattern. Thrilled to say the least, and when I got home I created this!

Cute, right? I also found these old wooden wall-hangings from the 70s. They were not cute when I got them, but I definitely saw potential with a coat of acrylic paint. Look at them now! I think they look great! I was especially happy with the way the paint made the eiffel tower practically pop out of the "Paris plate"

Just goes to prove that you don't have to spend tons of money at expensive craft stores or boutique scrapbooking venues to make something artistic and adorable.

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