I'm migrating here from wordpress... so this post is actually a few days old.

Today was not a good day.

The art world is so vast and competitive, its got me wondering if I really have anything to offer. It’s such a stupid long shot… like wanting to be a famous movie actor or a supermodel. I’m thinking maybe I should just forget about the “store dream” and get a job doing something mundane and unrewarding. I’m wondering if the end result would really be worth the lifetime of uncertainty it would put me through. The “normal/rational” part of me wants a stable life with my husband and dog, a privacy fence, trips to different countries, regular paychecks that can pay for my “normal” life. haha, if that’s what other people consider normal. At any rate, it’s what I want.

Plus, my mom asked me today if I wanted to get tested for muscular dystrophy (which my dad has), a subject that I try to avoid at all costs. I guess I should. I mean if I really don’t have it, I’ll be happier knowing. I’m just not sure I really do want to know if I do. Would you want to know if you had an incurable disease that would ruin the last half of your life? Question of the day.

Anyways, I hate the feeling of being a downer, but I just have a lot of things running through my head tonight and I had to put them down somewhere. So thanks for listening out there.

I’m currently working on a painting for a friend. She really loved one that I did called “Time”.


but she needed a landscape size that would fit over her fireplace. So we went back and forth with her giving ideas and me trying to design, and this is what we came up with.

ok, so that was supposed to be just a picture of the new one, but it’s kinda cool to see them next to each other. Obviously the old one is an actual painting and the new one is just a photoshopped image that I am going to go off of. Anyways, I’m getting ready to run my 2 miles and then sit down and paint, two things that always make me feel “normal”. Nite!

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