Cheap Finds

Hello all... I have nothing deep or earth-shattering today, but I thought I would share a recent find with you. The Dollar Tree (not Dollar General, Dollar One, or any other variation...) is a great resource for artists of all mediums. Yesterday, I found 3 blank wooden picture frames, an exacto knife, some glass baubles (to be used in collage art), 2 packages of organza bags (great for packaging jewelry), 2 plain glass mugs (which I painted), a huge bag of those foam brushes (I go through a lot of foam brushes...), and 2 packages of shipping envelopes (an essential for the Etsy seller). All this for about $12!

The reason this store is so great for artists is that the name is not a misnomer (everything really is one dollar not a denomination of one dollar), and most of the Dollar Trees have a massive craft section. If you haven't discovered the joy of Dollar Tree, I encourage you to find one near you and check it out. You'll save on costs and find new and interesting materials.


  1. I love those stores, I look in all aisles for things I can use for arts & crafts. :)

  2. I'm so glad you mentioned this! I'm in need of some new frames for my booth... I'll have to stop by there today!