the bible of crafting

tips and mistakes i had to find out the hard way.

- liquin is NOT the same as linseed oil. I can't ever keep them straight but in college I covered a whole painting with liquin instead of linseed and it was very very bad.

- you can't mix grout with water. it dries and then flakes off, creating a big-ass mess!! i still have no idea what you're supposed to mix it with, but glue works better than water.

- when using glass in projects it is best not to drop them off of 3rd floor balconies. wrapping the glass in a towel and using a hammer and glass nippers is easier, faster, more effective, and... safer?!

- don't start big undefinable projects at other peoples' houses.

- start no more than 5 projects before finishing at least one.

- buying supplies at hardware stores is much more cost effective than buying from craft stores.

- you probably shouldn't break glass on the carpet. the little shards never come out.

- make stuff that you yourself would want to look at or use.

- fleamarkets are a great place to look for supplies! old postcards make collage materials. antique plates make great mosaics, ugly old jewelry can be reused for its beads and sometimes they have packs of markers or paintbrushes for really cheap.

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