Art in Italy

Thought I'd just do a quick one before I go for my nightly run.

About a year ago, I went to Italy. Passports- incredibly expensive, airport and plane ride- terribly anxiety inducing and long, group of people I went with- less than enlightened, the weather- extremely cold and wet, but the trip... the trip was hands down the best experience of my life. Completely life changing in so many ways.

One of the awesome opportunities we had was to visit the Uffizi. The Uffizi is one of the oldest and most famous art museums in the world. It is home to paintings of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Rembrandt. Naturally, I took the long tour. I could have spent weeks in that museum. I know people don't normally fly across the world to Italy, but if you are ever over there do not pass this up. It will change the way you see art.

Another incredible piece of art I got to see was the statue of David. Of course, everyone has seen pictures and knows what "he" looks like, but in person the statue carries a life of its own. His eyes follow you around the room. He was powerful, yet vulnerable, and he was so much bigger than I expected. This was the most powerful piece of work I will probably ever see in my life. I don't even think words can explain it. I just know that everyone around me was speechless and staring.

I'm purposely leaving out the Sistene Chapel. I almost got ambushed by a tour group of Asians and then nearly kicked out because my friend tried to take a picture. The rest of the Vatican, very cool, but the Sistene Chapel was just too crowded to enjoy anything and I still can't understand why pictures aren't allowed. I stand by the reasoning that if you pay to get in, you should be able to take a picture.

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